Do you need a Danish translation? No problem!

Like the Swedes, the Danes are used to doing business in English, but for detailed documents, contracts or technical manuals, you really need a good Danish translation. 

In order to deliver this service, we work with the best trained translators.
Our translators are native speakers. This combination is a guarantee for the best possible translation.

Danish translation services

Scandinavian languages have always had our utmost attention within our service. Languages like Danish, Norvegian, Swedish and Finnish have only a small territory of inhabitants and they are no global languages, which make them a special group of languages.

Because of the limited number of inhabitants,  it’s also harder to find a good translator. It’s natural that it’s easier to find a good English translator. Because we have such a long experience with translations, we can deliver the right translation. For example a manual, offer, contract or tender.

Our translators use state of the art computer technics using databases to guarantee the right use of terms and consistency in the text.

Doing business in Denmark, Velkommen.

Doing business with the Danish is very good. The mentality of the people is alike the one in Holland. The Danish have “hygge”, a very typical and non-translatable word that equals to the Dutch “gezelligheid” or the English "cosiness".

Many Danes speak Danish, but also English and other foreign languages. 93% of the population thinks this is necessary for their carrier.

But of course, for certain documents (for example manuals according to Machine Directives) it will be necessary to translate the document to Danish.

We deliver translations from and to the Danish language in a big variety of combinations with other languages, for example: 

Dutch - Danish, Danish - Dutch, English - Danish, Danish - English, German - Danish, Danish - GermanIs your language pair not mentioned here? Please contact us, we are probably able to deliver the combination that you need.

Tip! Perhaps you like to see for yourself how lovely Danmark is you like to plan a trip to Danmark in the near future? Please visit the website of the Danish bureau of Tourism for a nice first impression.

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Danish translation – 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

Your success is guaranteed with a good Danish translation!

If you are satisfied, so are we, and you will be able to do business successfully in Denmark.

That’s why we offer you our 100% guarantee for satisfaction and a translation in the best possible quality.

Many clients have preceded you and are returning clients. They have experienced the quality of our translations.

Why not give it a try? Do you need a translation to or from Danish? We would like to deliver it to you and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

Danish Translations