Do you need a German translation?

The German language is one of our specialities. We deliver your German translation in any technical, legal or commercial field.

Highly educated translators have committed themselves to De Jonge Text Services to offer you the best German translations.German Translation Services

We have contracted several native speakers of the German language. All translations are checked by a second native speaker, so the translation will be a perfect end result. If any translator has questions about the source text, we will always contact the client for clarification so we can produce a perfect translation.

The right German translation will help your business and will be appreciated by your business relation.

Sole literal translation is not the solution for the best possible translation. If you want to do business in Germany, a text that takes into account the German culture using the correct address forms and formulas will still give you the best result in a good personal contact.

Do not underestimate the power of a German text over an English text, as it will be able to transmit the message to your German contact much better and will be highly appreciated. Of course, we would like to help you with this, as your success is our success.

Naturally, we deliver translations in many language combinations, for example: 

Dutch - German, German - Dutch, English - German, German - English, French - German, German - French. The combination that you need isn’t mentioned here? Just contact us so we can offer you the combination that you need.

Tip! Are you interested in Germany or perhaps you like to plan a few holidays for picking up the language? Please take a look at the website of the German bureau of Tourism.

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German translation – 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The end result is always what counts for us.

Each translation is double checked by a different translator. During this check, we emphasise the importance of the transmission of the message of the source text instead of a literal translation.

We are so convinced of the quality of our translations, that we always offer a 100% guarantee for satisfaction.


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