Medical translation services

A medical translation requires the best quality.

Only true specialists can deliver a medical translation, as they demand a very high quality of work!

A manual of medical equipment or medical file containing test results or analyses should be so clear, that no mistakes can be made. Translation should be
unambiguous to prevent misunderstandings and failure of medical care.

This is one of the reasons why extra checks are applied in medical translations. First of all, we check if the medical translator has enough knowledge of the particular field of speciality to execute this translation. Most medical translators have extended experience in the medical world as a doctor or executive in a hospital or medical lab and know the exact terms in this specialised language.

Double Check at medical translations

The second check is therefore if the terms are used consequently according to a database used by the translator.

Our customers appreciate the quality of medical translations by, which is very highly.

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Medical Translation

Only specialists can execute a medical translation, as it is a very specialised job.

These specialists are our medical translators and have specialised in their field. More than often they are former doctors or executives, allowing them to practise their knowledge of medical equipment, processes and patient treatments.

Quality Control

In order to assure the quality of the translations, a third check is applied by revising the text by a co-worker in the corresponding field.

In this way, translation errors and fallacies are excluded.

When the translators have any questions or see inconsistencies in the original text during the translation process, we will always consult the client so the quality of the translation will be guaranteed.