Are you looking for a reliable translation agency for English translation services?

For an English translation Translation Agency is your partner. Many companies have trusted us with their English translations.

Of course we offer technical, but also commercial and legal translations.English Translation Services

We exclusively work with highly educated translators that are natives in the English language and that have specialised in their own field.

Our translators have experience in the medical or technical field or have a commercial orientation. In this way they can transmit in the best possible way the message of the source text.

They understand the source text because they are specialised in their field and can deliver a high quality translation by elaborating the message in the target text, the translation. Because the translators are native speakers, the translator can express the same message in the translation, with the same effect as in the source text. The translation does not need to be literal, in fact, a free translation give him or her the chance to enhance this effect even more.

The use of databases allows translators to use terms consistently throughout one or several translations. If you use specific terms in your own company, these will be registered too.
Of course, each text is proof read by a second translator for check-up before delivery.

I speak English myself, so why would I outsource a translation to a translation service?

The English language is a real business language and many people that do business speak English, but only to a certain level. Just be honest: would you really be capable of drafting an English letter, brochure or a legal contract? And would you do so as well as English people could?

Probably not. Still, you would like to deliver a good text that is correct and that leaves a good impression with your relation. This is a very good reason to outsource your translation to a reliable translation agency.

A proper English text will not only impress your business relation, you will also be able to transmit the right message. Let us help you with this, after all we have the right experience and your success is our success.

Of course, we offer different translation combinations with English, for example:

Dutch - English, English - Dutch, German - English, English - German, French - English, English - French. We execute translations in many more languages. Isn’t your language mentioned here? We can probably help you with this, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tip! If you want to learn a bit more about England or it's culture, please visit the following website of "Visit Britain" for more information.

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English translation – 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The end result is the only thing that counts for us.

Each translation is double checked by a different translator.
During this check, we check if the message and intention of the source text is correctly transmitted, which is very important.

All of our translations are delivered with 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is offered for each language combination and not exclusively for the translation combination with English.;

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