Translations of your texts?

If you are looking for a high quality translation, you are looking for a translation agency with experience.

The high quality translations are performed exclusively by professionals. Due to our experience in many fields of expertise, you are assured of a good and perfectly well-managed end result. We (almost) exclusively use native speakers to translate our clients texts. Our motto is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Translations are executed in the familiar language combinations for the Netherlands, but we also have an extensive experience with every other language combinations, for example with the following languages:

At (the former Translation Agency JTS) we define several categories of texts:

We always ensure that every translation is performed by a specialised translator, so you are assured of a translator that is familiar with the subject jargon and understands the meaning of the source text. We are using real life translators, we do not deliver machine driven translations, unless a client has no budget at all. But when you are looking for a quality translation, you need real persons to do the translation. Even better, when the message in your text has to drive your readers to action, we recommend a native speaker from the area that you are aiming to reach. Native speakers know exactly which words to use to trigger the clients to do what you want. For instance for webshops, it's a must to have a brillant text that does not feel like a translation but can trigger clients to buy from your website.

Sworn Translations

A sworn translation is frequently applied to legal documents. We can also provide additional items like apostilles or legalizations.

If you require more specific information, you can contact us, or please click on one of the buttons below. Of course, you can always reach us by telephone so that we can consult with you directly about your wishes regarding the translation and how to respond best to those wishes.

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