Do you need a French translation?

This is how our translation agency once started! We started out with a French translation and nowadays we offer practically each language that is required.

Our translators all have a high level of education in the field of translation. Translators without good schooling would not be able to meet the requirements that we have to guarantee a 100% client satisfaction.French translation services

The base of each translation is the translator himself who speaks the target language as his or her native language. These translators are native speakers, therefore they have an excellent control over the target language and are able to transmit the right feeling in the source text.

Our translators are specialised in their own fields, for instance medical, technical, commercial and legal fields.

Because of their knowledge of the language and their specialism, they will be able to understand the core of the text. In conclusion this enables them to deliver the desired quality in the translation.

Translation Agency JTS translators use up-to-date equipment and databased software, therefore we can guarantee consistent word choices and the correct professional terms.

French is a beautiful language, but it’s hard to translate!

Many people go to France for holidays and speak th language to a certain level. But is their level high enough to make a good translation? Probably not. And no wonder, it's a beautiful language, but you will need an extended universal education to produce a good translation.

Consider this...

The French language knows more verb tenses than for example the Dutch language. There are many more personal forms and irregular declensions, which make this language a notorious subject in secondary school!

In French, there are no less than 4 irregular verb families, which makes the language more complex than Dutch, German or English.

All the more reasons to have your translation made by a professional translation agency. N'est-ce pas? (Don't you think?) 

Of course, we translate not only into French but also from French into other languages.

The combinations with the French language we offer are for instance:

Dutch - French, French - Dutch, German - French, French - German, French - English, English - French. Obviously, we execute translations in many more languages. Is your language not mentioned here? Please ask us for the possibilities, we can probably help you because the number of languages and combinations is practically unlimited.

Tip! If you are interested in France and or the French language we would like to attent you on the webpage of the French Buro of Tourism.

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French translation – 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your success is our success, so we will do anything to deliver the best possible end result.

Each translation is checked by another translator, in the field of content and message of the text.

This check will not only assure an excellent translation (text and grammar), but also a perfect transmission of the message of the source text. Any text has a message, whether it is a simple letter, contract of sales brochure. This message must be transmitted in the translation in the same way as the original text does.

We are convinced of the quality of our translations, that is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services like translations, transcriptions and text processing.

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