A correct technical translation gets you ahead!

From the moment you are exporting technical equipment or items across the border, your company will need one ore more documents to accompany the products. We can take care of the technical translation of your text(s).
All technical documents such as a quotation, order confirmation and the final drawings are important documents in your workflow. And of course, your client would like to read a work description and manual in his or her own language. In many countries, you are obliged to deliver them with the product.

You can make things easy for your relationship and prevent misunderstandings about the delivery, execution and delivery terms. For this, a high quality technical translation is a pure necessity.
technical drawing translationsWe take care of translations in almost any language specially in the common languages like English, German and French, but also less familiar ones like Danish, Swedish or Italian.

Technical translation means having the correct terms from start to end.

123Vertalen.nl (formally known as JTS) provides the technical translations for many companies that have a technical origin. You may think of documents that accompany the product during delivery, such as the manual, certificates and operating instructions. We are often involved in the offering process, even at the stage of request. For example, we use the terminology that is used in the tender. This prevents misunderstandings in your offer and costs because you do not overlook anything in the foreign application.

It is perfectly clear that the translator should have a great knowledge and experience and that we can guarantee both. The translators of Translation Agency 123Vertalen.nl are native speakers, as the target language of the translation is their native language. In addition, they have the right technical knowledge and are in ongoing training to keep up with modern techniques.

Technical translation of documents also needs some supportive software

Our translators are also using special software to organise their idiom, so vocabulary will be standerdised in order to prevent misunderstandings. This also ensures work flow, as a co translator could use the same database in case the original translator needs temporary replacement.

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Technical translation

Technical translations require specialism and technical insight of the translator for a right translation of manuals, drawings, process descriptions and tenders. We work with native speakers that are also technical specialists that know their own field, so they have not only knowledge of the language, but also of the required technique. This allows them to produce perfect translations. You can make good use of this knowledge, through the term database.

A special term database holds the terms used in each technical translation so the translator can use each term consistently. After each translation, the database is updated and ready for future translations in which the same terms are used.

Beside terminology, technical insight is also important in order to create a clear and unambiguous text.

The translation should be so clear, that the reader will have no questions at all after reading it. If there are any questions that the text does not answer, we will ask the client to answer them so we can produce a transparent text that is ready to use abroad.

This way, you will not need to worry any more about any translations.

Translation in each technical field

Like we noted before, each translator is a specialist in his or her own technical field. 

Translation Agency JTS has translators in different technical areas, like:

  • Road and waterway projects
  • Telecommunication
  • Electrical installations
  • Transport
  • Medical equipment
  • Crematoria
  • Etc.

We can deliver translations of manuals and even of pictures, drawings and diagrams.