For a correct Swedish translation we offer you the right translators.

Although many Swedish people speak English very well, a Swedish translation is often a necessity, for example for manuals of machinery (mandatory according to the European machine directive).

At the same time, the number of Swedish inhabitants and qualified translators is not very high, which explains the price for Swedish translations which is slightly higher than for other European languages. When you don’t speak Swedish, you will not be able to check a Swedish translation. So you must rely on the quality of the translator and the translation.

That is the reason why Translation Agency JTS only works with educated translators. This goes for any language, by the way. The translators are not only qualified for translation duties, they are also native speakers and have specialised in a certain field in technical, legal or commercial branches Swedish Translation Services.

For over 20 years, we deliver translations in various branches and different languages. The Scandinavian languages have always occupied a special place within our service. Many of the inhabitants do speak English on a high level, but never the less it is of the utmost importance to deliver manuals, contracts or tender documents in the language of the purchaser.

We can provide translation of any document, for instance technical documents, legal files, a commercial text or website, our translators are at your service. They all have their own speciality and branch. After translation, each document is checked by a second translator who will not only mind the correct translation, he will also see to it that the message of the source text is also transmitted in the translation.

Our translators use the best and modern tools and software with the correct databases. Everything they need to guarantee consistency and correct use of terms in each translation.

Welcome to Sweden, Välkommen.

Many people understand Swedish when it is spoken because this language is based on German words and sounds. And although many Swedish speak English, they all appreciate if you greet with goddag (hello) and leave with vi ses (goodbye). That’s why you do need a good translation agency when you want to start doing business with Swedish.

Besides Dutch – Swedish, a language combinations that we can offer, we also provide the following combinations: 

Dutch - Swedish, Swedish - Dutch, Swedish - English, English - Swedish, Swedish - German, German - Swedish. This is only a glimpse of the possible combinations, so please contact us if your language pair is not noted here. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

Nice tip! Would you like to get more familiar with Sweden, than please visit the website of the Swedish bureau of Tourism.

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Swedish translation – 100 % guarantee satisfaction.

Your success is our success!

This statement implies that we will only end an assignment successfully when you are completely happy with it.

You might say that this is only natural, because you will also only deliver the best to your client. But in the field of translations, it is of the utmost importance that this quality is really achieved. As a client buying a foreign text, you may not always be able to read and check it yourself.

So you must be able to trust on the translation agency, on the translator eventually.

It’s been over 20 years now that our clients choose us to do this important work. Many of our clients are repeating customers. They have experienced the quality of our translations and the effect it has on their clients and relations. The texts are not just translated in the best possible way, we always incorporate the goal of the source text in the translation.

Do you need a translation? Of course we are not limited to the Swedish language! Send us your text and we will make you an offer stating the possibilities, of course at a good price. 

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