About us

123vertalen.nl, the agency for all your translations

We are so glad we finally meet, 123Vertalen.nl, also known as the former Translation Agency JTS, it's a pleasure to meet you!
In this section we will tell you a bit about ourselves and the way we work. But of course we can't wait to meet you and learn all about your business and how we can help you.


123Vertalen.nl has been delivering translations since 1996 to very different companies. That’s why we have built up a great knowledge in so many fields, specialisms, services and language combinations.


At 123vertalen.nl, we offers technical, medical, commercial and (certified) legal translations.
translations translation-agencyWe deliver translations to companies in various industries. Volker Stevin, Tramétex Lifttechniek, Continent BV (Transport), Kromwijk (Electrotechnics), Stikvoort Vormgeving and DFW Europe
 (cremation ovens) are part of our large clientele.

Native speakers

Our translators translate to their native language. This procedure allows them to flawlessly feel the nuances and effects in the text that they are translating and guarantees that the translation is understood in the right way by your foreign readers. This is very important, certainly with user manuals, web texts, newsletters and brochures.

Quality control

Each translation is checked by a second translator. We also create a registration for used terms in special translation software, so we can reuse these terms in the next translation. This way, the terms are used consistently and the text will remain clear.

Language combinations

We can offer you all language combinations, from Dutch to any European language and back, and any other combination like from English into Danish, German into French and vice versa, etc. This also goes for languages far beyond Europe like Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

Interpretation service

We also deliver an interpretation service using “whisper equipment”. The interpreter and his audience wear modern, merely invisible communication means that allow the interpreter to speak softly and the audience to understand him effortlessly, without disturbing the rest of the company. This can be very useful during meetings or conferences in the presence of various nationalities.

Would you like to receive an obligation-free quotation? Just contact us or fill out the quotation form. You can also add your text so we can study it.
All our offers are based on your own source text, so we can make you a direct offer. Many other translation agencies count the number of translated words in the target text, but that means that they are not able to tell you the total costs of the translation in advance. Translationg Agency JTS provides a clear offer with the exact amount so you will know where you stand before you order the translation

In short, 123vertalen.nl can accommodate all your text questions.
We will be happy to get the opportunity to assist you as well and provide you the best service possible!