Finnish translations? No problem!

We deliver Scandinavian translations, for instance in the Finnish language.

As for Danish and Swedish, we have a large experience in translation in these languages. But of course, you can also choose for a Finnish translation. Although it is a completely different language, we can deliver a translation of the highest quality.

In Finland, Swedish is an official language as well, but Finnish is gaining popularity, especially amongst young people. Besides Finnish, English is often used too. But when you want to do business in Finland, many documents will require a Finnish translation. Finish Translation Services

Translation Agency JTS is using well trained translators that are native speakers of the Finnish language. This combination is a guarantee for a good translation.

Due to the fact that a lot of people without knowledge of the Finnish language aren't able to read these texts, it’s important that you can trust on a high quality translation. Although you can’t check if the texts are correct, your interests depend on them.

You can trust the capability of our translators for this. After all, we have been successfully translating technical, commercial and legal texts for over 20 years.

Of course we use up-to-date computer technology, the newest software and databases to support our translators. The databases are our guarantee for consistency of terms and high quality of the translation. It checks the correct use of the terms within the field of expertise of the text. It can also be customised for each client.

Finland, land of a thousand lakes, a magnificent wildlife and a difficult language.

For people without education in Finnish, it’s practically impossible to read or understand this language. The Finnish language has a relatively large representation of vowels in words. Also the letter combinations in Finish words is hard to pronounce.

We would like to emphasize that we do not only translate to the Finnish, but also from the Finnish, in various combinations, for example: 

Dutch - Finnish, Finnish - Dutch, English - Finnish, Finnish - EnglishGerman - Finnish, Finnish - GermanThese are all just examples of possible language pairs. If you need another language pair, please let us know. Probably, we will be able to deliver that language pair too.

Tip! Would you like to see the beautiful nature of Finland with you own eyes? A good preparation will be to visit the website of the Finnish bureau of Tourism.

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Finnish translation – 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Perfect is our standard!

This is a bold attitude emphasizing our interest in delivering the best end result.

You might say that this is only natural, because you will also only deliver the best to your client. But as a customer, you may not always be able to read and check the text yourself as you don’t speak the language.

That’s why our translations are not delivered before a double check with another translator. The second translator will not only check the text, but also the “feel” of the text: is the message of the source text incorporated in the translation and is it triggering the target group? Only if that’s the case, the translation can be delivered to you.

If you have any additional questions or wishes, we will of course continue our service until you are 100% satisfied.

Do you need a translation in Finnish? Of course we are not limited to the Finnish language! Send us your text and we will make you an offer stating the possibilities, of course at a good price!


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